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Lead Conversion


Recapture turns your anonymous website visitors into leads and sales with direct mail and email marketing automation.

Don’t lose another potential sale!

Why Recapture?

RECAPTURE is driving huge ROI for dealers by increasing conversions and turning anonymous website shoppers in buying customers!

Anonymous Shopper Identification
Anonymous data cloud, where data from 10 different sources is appended. Allowing us to identify who your Lost Shoppers are including Full Name, Mailing Address, Email Address, Mobile Phone #, Marital Status, Inferred Credit Score, Vehicle Year, Make, Model, VIN data and onsite page tracking.

Data-Hygiene and Validation
We capture ALL online traffic data then filter out Business Traffic, Website Crawlers, Automated Traffic and Bot Traffic, leaving only Real Human Traffic.

AI Powered Exit Intent
Artificial intelligence monitors each customer’s on-site browsing behavior and deliver additional purchase offers to each heavy purchase intender prior to leaving the site without conversion.

Email & Direct Mail Marketing Automation
Personalized email in 1 day and personalized direct mail in 5 days from site departure including trade-in offers, inventory upgrade offers, UTM for analytics tracking and WETRACK phone # for call tracking.

Reverse IP Append | Human Traffic Filter | Opt In/DNC Filter | Year Make Model/VIN Data | Demo Data | Triple Validation Scrub | Email Automation | Direct Mail Automation | BDC Outreach | CRM Import | Real Time Reporting | 90 ROI Guarantee

Don’t lose another potential sale!

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